Thinking of Birds

If you are close to me you will have seen me talk to birds, especially the crows that live in the trees around my apartment. You will also notice in my apartment I have a wall hanging picturing many of the local birds that inhabit our area. Using scraps of fabric from many years of sewing and filling two drawers in the back bedroom, I created this wall hanging, almost from ceiling to floor. Wish I could remember now all their names. I wanted it to be hung in the walls of the gathering place at Bouverie near Glen Elllen. As luck would have it, I had it at home when Bouverie burned.

The photo of the Canada goslings sits against a lamp on my art table with two rubber duckies and a strange indented ball. These are my tokens of inspiration I need in the early morning when I do my pictures.

The California Blue Birds sit near a blue bowl on my television table. The larger one is a salt shaker of my Mother’s that I kept. The others I gathered from a dead friend’s house to join Mother’s.

The white porceline salt and pepper shakers I discovered in a thrift shop. I thought they would live happily by the small statue of two birds enjoying flowers on a branch. These sit on my dining room table.

You can see that I hold birds in high regard.

Published by Chlele Gummer

I'm an artist, writer and author of nine children's books. Nature is my inspiration. Next project is a book of a hike with children. The pictures are created out of fabric scraps.

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