I’m a native Californian artist and writer currently living in Northern California. In my heart, I’m a naturalist, so my work showcases animals and the environment. Enjoy browsing my website, and don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Here’s how to pronounce my name: KLEL-ee (it’s like Chloe and Kelly put together).


Art by Chlele Payne Gummer
Lemur from my vanishing species series

Since I’m an early riser every morning I fix a cup of decaf with milk and sit down at my art desk to do something.

At first I have no ideas, and then one occurs which may result in a collage, a page in my graphic diary, or a sketch. I often work from photos I’ve taken recently of landscapes or a closeup of a flower.

I’ve had six art shows in Santa Rosa. Two at Spring Lake Village, acrylic paintings and collage series with attendant haiku, a retrospective at the Santa Rosa City Council chambers, the collage collection at the Santa Rosa Senior Center, a mixture of collage and paintings at the Glaser Center, and a window show of endangered species at the Glaser Center. 

My books are available through Smashwords, from me, and on Amazon.

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