Hanging an Art Show

      My next art show will be hung soon at the Glacer Center. It features Endangered Animals. I wanted to bring some of them into the limelight so people will feel that what they do has consequence in endangering other animals and plants.

I worked for several years on the paintings and in the last couple of months I have been framing them. When I had a car I could drive to Good Will and find frames that I could use. Without a car I have been ordering them from Amazon. They are all framed and stacked behind the couch in the living room.

Each picture required a little explanation which I typed up on heavy paper and then cut into even squares to place under each picture. I ordered putty to use to mount these labels. It doesn’t tear the wall paint when one takes the labels off.

On Wednesday of this week a friend will pick up my paintings and me and drive us to the Glacer Center downtown. She’ll help me carry them in , decide where each one will be placed, and then do the process of hooking the wires and hanging the pictures. The last bit will be placing the labels. I am hoping it will go smoothly and we will be done in a couple hours.

The art reception will be on June 19 at 12:30 pm. I plan to have plates of shrimp, cheese and crackers, and vegetables and dip. I  will  provide some wine for those who like it. I may talk a bit about the show and answer questions. Here are three of the pictures to be shown. These are acrylic paintings.


Published by Chlele Gummer

I'm an artist, writer and author of nine children's books. Nature is my inspiration. Next project is a book of a hike with children. The pictures are created out of fabric scraps.

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