My Luncheon Project

Is life returning to the what it was 17 months ago? The calendar is busier lately and I’ve included entertaining more. The truth is, as it was before Covid, I didn’t entertain very often, maybe once in three months as my dinner group met monthly at different houses. After watching the days and months go by as I sat at home entertaining myself with the piano, ukulele, paints, colored pencils, colored pens, television and books, I became to cherish the interaction with others, human beings whose mouths talked and smiled. I realized how necessary it is to have this interaction.

During Covid I cleaned out several drawers and closets and offered the items I chose to give away on Facebook. People who indicated they were interested I invited for an outside visit in my patio. I moved the chairs from my back patio to the front and we could have a conversation masked and six feet apart. I discovered how elated I felt each time.

Now we are in a different phase. I and my friends are vaccinated and can have live visits. To add to my usual habits I realized I need only to call and invite. So I began my Luncheon Project. Each week I invite a friend or two for lunch. I enjoy preparing and cooking interested dishes for my guests. And what fun it is to be with them sharing our lives a little.

So life for me is different and much more rewarding. Covid is still teaching me lessons which I wouldn’t have learned without it. Though when I look back there is nothing to see; I have learned some important lessons and what I need for a fulfilling life.

Published by Chlele Gummer

I'm an artist, writer and author of nine children's books. Nature is my inspiration. Next project is a book of a hike with children. The pictures are created out of fabric scraps.

One thought on “My Luncheon Project

  1. I like your drawings, just the right amount of detail. I would like to know more about your friends who have visited with you and had lunch.

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