Waiting for Life to Happen

Can you ever imagine staying at home and never venturing out for eleven months? Well, it happened to me. Although I did spend September and October in New Hampshire with my daughter hiding out from the fires in Sonoma County, California. The rest of the year I hunkered down in my apartment, peaking out now and then. As the pandemic grew and became a true monster I withdrew more and more. All my food I had delivered with my trusty friend and ever present helpmate, Amazon. It gave me whatever I wanted solving all my problems. My other close friend, Zoom, was always willing . I could go everywhere with Zoom and amazingly there were always some thing to see, to visit, to attend via Zoom. It offered unmasked faces with mouths that moved and smiled. What a wonderful thing, to be able to recreate a human interaction, over a computer, using the many electrons it takes to recreate reality.

Following this is a couple pictures from my collection. One represents the peace one finds in nature. The other creates a new reality, ordered, and free, all at once.

Look toward nature for peace.
Looking toward a new reality.

Published by Chlele Gummer

I'm an artist, writer and author of nine children's books. Nature is my inspiration. Next project is a book of a hike with children. The pictures are created out of fabric scraps.

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